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Jack Myers

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February 18 - I flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles and went to Ken & Leslie's.

Visited with Leslie, played with EJ, then Ken home from work and we had dinner and visited.

February 19 - A whole day with EJ, including a stroller trip to Whole Foods Market.

EJ Ready To Go             -             To Market, To Market             -             Proud Grandpa Jack
CA4-1 CA4-2 CA4-3 CA4-4

February 20 - A trip with EJ & Leslie to see Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Center.

Excited About The Trip -   A Little TV Before We Go
CA4-5 CA4-6

What a great exhibit - something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what age. We loved it.
CA4-7 CA4-8 CA4-9
CA4-10 CA4-11 CA4-12

February 21 - Another day with EJ and a stroller trip to the drug store.

Jumping Is Fun           -             TV Is Fine       -       Then Boring       -       Then Tiresome
CA4-13 CA4-14 CA4-15 CA4-16

Couch Potatoes                             -                             Daddy's Home
CA4-17 CA4-18 CA4-19 CA4-20

Ready For Bed
CA4-21 CA4-22 CA4-23

February 22 - Had breakfast with Ken, Leslie, & EJ, then drove to John's condo.

February 23 - Jack and John's Birthday. John's girlfriend Yasmine made the cake.


February 24 - We all went to a multiple birthday lunch with cousin Corie & family.

  Kathy-Leslie-EJ-Geoff   The Whole Gang Poses
CA4-25 CA4-26

The Birthday Boys

        Ken-Jack-John-Harry-Jackie   Kathy-Geoff-Corie-Julie-Leslie-EJ
CA4-28 CA4-27

February 25-29 - John and I drove to Las Vegas so I could look at houses there.
We drove up Monday and stayed at Silverton. Saw houses with broker on Tuesday.
John had to get back Wednesday and I flew back Thursday - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!