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This website started when I found documents passed down through the family, including the original War of 1812 muster roll of my great-great-great grandfather Col. Samuel Myers's company.  I'll never know why the documents ended up with my branch of the Myers family, but I thought I should share them with the other descendants.  The first step was to create this website and the second was to start contacting relatives.

Since then the website has expanded as I have contacted more and more relatives, and several of them have supplied documents which are now included.  If you receive a call, letter, email, or other message from me, please respond.  If you have privacy concerns, see my Privacy Policy.  Your help in confirming and expanding the genealogy information on this website is needed and greatly appreciated - thank you!

John William Myers III, November 21, 2011, Canyon Lake, CA

Web Family Cards

A genealogy file containing over 100,000 individuals

Private individuals are not included in the index.
For multiple spouses the default spouse is the last one.
Persons known to be living and under age 100 years are Private.

of Jack Myers and Mary Myers

Myers-Vance-McCafferty-Mace, Hoyt-Webster-Keeler-Warner, Hammel-Mischler, Scholl-Frey-Treiber

Includes all known cousins extending to 4th cousins.

Scans of Documents

Individual original documents including Certificates, Deeds,

Commissions, Muster Rolls, Diplomas, Photos, Movies, etc.

Special Documentation

Descendant Charts

  1. Links below lead to charts that are large searchable PDF files showing all known descendants.
  2. Persons known to be living and under age 100 are Private - only initials & last name are listed.
  3. Flag(s) may appear just below a person's name and apply only to that person, not the spouse:
         Died As Child (age 1y-17y), Died As Infant (age less than 1y), Never Married, No Children,



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