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Jack Myers

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March 20 - I flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles and Ken drove me to his apartment.

March 21 - We visited the son of Ken and Leslie King, Elijah John Myers, my first grandchild.

Elijah getting ready for his first trip to the pediatrician.
Leslie, Elijah, Ken - Ken, Elijah, Leslie
CA2-1 CA2-2

Back from the doctor, everything fine, grandparent's turn to hold him.
Elijah, Jack - Judy, Elijah
CA2-3 CA2-4

March 22 - We assembled the stroller and visited Elijah.

Ken test-drives the stroller

Ken and Elijah
CA2-6 CA2-7 CA2-8

Elijah ready to go out for dinner

March 23 - More visiting with Elijah, Leslie, her mother Gertraud, Judy, her brother Robert.
Gertraud gave me genealogy information on her side of the family.
Robert was working at a house 2 doors down, so we all went to check it out.

March 24 - Judy fixed a great chicken dinner at Ken's.

Jack & Elijah - Elijah & Jack - John & Elijah
CA2-10 CA2-11 CA2-12

Leslie, Gertraud, Judy, Robert

After dinner John drove me to his condo in Huntington Beach.

March 25 - Stayed at John's, watched HDTV, and had dinner with cousin Corie.

March 26 - I flew from Los Angeles to New Orleans - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!