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taken by
John Myers and Yasmine Hadad

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July 3 - John and Yasmine flew from Orange County to New Orleans.

I picked them up and we drove to my house for the traditional soup and sandwiches.
They had enough time to check out the canal before it got too dark to see anything.

John, Yasmine, & Jack - John pumping away - Yasmine & John on dock
LA2-01 LA2-02 LA2-03

July 4 - We celebrated with boat riding and a great lunch thanks to my sister Mary.

First mate John - Captain Jack - Passenger Yasmine
LA2-04 LA2-05 LA2-06

Plotting the course - Enjoying the ride - We need a bigger boat
LA2-07 LA2-08 LA2-09

Yasmine & Mary visit - Posing on the dock - And the fish keep biting
LA2-10 LA2-11 LA2-12

July 5 - Saw Mike the Tiger, Louisiana State Museum, the Capitol, & Houmas House.

Mike's statue - Alligator bait - Mardi Gras time - Tessier family
LA2-13 LA2-14 LA2-15 LA2-16

The Capitol - At the top - Pond & bridge - Fountain pool
LA2-17 LA2-18 LA2-19 LA2-20

July 6 - Drove to New Orleans and visited the Audubon Zoo - hot and muggy.

Elephants - and Rhinos - and Monkeys - and Tigers & Pandas
LA2-21 LA2-22 LA2-23 LA2-24

July 7 - John got to catch one more fish; then they flew back to Orange County.

A real fighter