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           My 4th cousin Jim Vance of CA sent me a copy of a document titled John James' Ledger. It was written by John James Vance. I have transcribed it and posted it in the hope that relatives may be able to find information about their genealogy. For privacy reasons the full names and birth and marriage dates and places of living people have been removed from my transcription, leaving only their initials and last names.
           One difficulty in transcribing documents is deciding whether to correct obvious errors. This problem was addressed in the original transcription as evidenced by this line in the Disclaimer:
"Spelling of names such as Millie or Mellie and Devenor or Delenor, and use of terminology such as "Revolution War" and American Revolution War" are not edited." In my transcription I did add some notes, but they are {italized and bracketed} to separate them from the original transcribed text. I also added links to names, so that by clicking on the link one can see my Web Family Card showing my version of the name.
           However, I feel compelled to detail a significant difference between my genealogy file and the information contained in the transcription. In the first paragraph of the Vance section it refers to a Captain William Vance who married Elizabeth Newell and states that they had a son who was the William Vance who married Mary Scott. Based on a detailed analysis by my 4th cousin Bob Witham I am convinced that the Captain William Vance referred to in the transcription was actually Captain William Vause, and that the parents of the William Vance who married Mary Scott were actually David Vance and Margaret Colville. I have transcribed the name as William Vause in my transcription of Page 16 of the document since the original Page 16 is clear in that the name - in three separate places - is Vause, not Vance.

John William Myers, III
Newhall, California


written by


Table of Contents

Forward - page i

Disclaimer - page ii

Vance - pages 1-5

Corson - pages 6-7

Wantland - pages 8-10

Scott - page 11

Potts - pages 12-14

Exhibits - pages 15-16

Page 15 {Pedigree Chart}

Page 16 {Land Bounty}

Scan of the original transcription

Living names show initials■■■ and last; added notes are {italicized-bracketed}.

Page i


This transcription of John James' Ledger was made at the request of J■■■ L■■■ Vance and P■■■ A■■■ Vance. This ledger was found among their father's, Joseph Morton Vance, possessions following his death in April 1997.

The original Ledger was forwarded to John James' Daughter, B■■■ C■■■ Salisbury in February 1998.

Page ii


Transcription is limited to the entries of John James, Joseph Morton, Emma Rhoda and any other Vance family member who had possession of ledger before Joseph Morton Vance's Death.

The distribution of this transcript is to the Grandchildren of Samuel James and Emma Rhoda Vance.

Spelling of names such as Millie or Mellie and Devenor or Delenor, and use of terminology such as "Revolution War" and American Revolution War" are not edited.

Page 1


English and American

The Vances, Harrisons, Scotts and Newells were all early settlers of Virginia, coming from England. In the Revolution War, there was Colonel William Vance Company of the 12th Virginia Regiment. Captain William Vance served in this company, and Captain William Vance married Elizabeth Newell. Their son, William Vance, married Mary Scott and their son Battael Harrison Vance (Sam's grandfather) was also grandson of Captain Mathew J. Scott born in 1739, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He commanded a company at Brandywine and Germantown.

Colonel Battael Harrison Vance married Adaline Meyers {Adaline Myers}. Vance decendants of these Virginians gradually moved west into Pennsylvania then to Ohio, part of the North West Territory, in Fayette County near Cincinnati in 1859. They moved their family to Syracuse, Cooper County, Missouri and lived there during the Civil War. Battael H. Vance was a Colonel in the Civil War and his five sons served in the war also.

In 1866, the family moved to Rose Hill, Cass County, Missouri. Then, later in 1868, they moved to Big Creek near Norris in Henry County, Missouri where there was a large track of free range.

Colonel Battael Vance and his wife Adaline Meyers {Myers} Vance's family was born in Ohio. One boy died and there were five sons and two daughters:

          1. Doctor married Sally Falistine
          2. Sam never married and died in West
          3. Joe never married and died in West
          4. Isaac married Cyrena Cain
          5. James Harvey married Josephine Corson
          6. Lib Married William G. Smith
          7. Kate married J. Kinsey Reed

1.  "Doc" was in college and quit to serve in the Civil War. Later he finished his education and was an eye specialist in Clinton, Missouri, married Sally Falistine and had one son Harry.

2. & 3.  Sam and Joe Vance were sheepherders in the West. They died and were buried in Nevada.

Page 2

Vance cont.

Born to Col. Battael Harrison and Adaline Meyers Vance continued:

4.  Isaac Vance was born in Ohio and was ten years old when the family moved to Missouri in 1859. When he was seventeen years old he enlisted in the Civil War. Isaac and Cyrene Cain were married 1870. They lived in Henry County where their children were born and raised. Later moved to Warrensburg to educate his daughters and he passed away in Warrensburg at the age of seventy six years in 1925. The had a family of eight children:

          Lou married J. C. Beaty and had two sons
          Kate married John Howerton and had one son
          Cora married William Hampton and had four daughters
          Scott married Ona Lane and had four girls and 1 son
          Frank married Mabel Dar and had two sons
          Bert married Opal Gains and had two sons
          Harry married Helen Littman and had no children
          Elizabeth married E. E. Mothersead and then Ed Mosby and had two girls

5.  James Harvey Vance was born in Fayette County, Ohio 1850 and died October 10, 1905. When he was nine years of age with his family moved to Syracuse, Cooper County, Missouri in 1859 and lived there during the Civil War and served in the war. The family moved to Rose hill, Cass County in 1866 and in 1868 moved to Big Creek, Henry County where there was a track of free range near Norris.

James Harvey Vance married Josephine Corson January 18, 1871 in Johnson County, Missouri. Josephine, born February 18, 1849 died Mary 7, 1926. James and Josephine had three children:

          Ona Ida born October 19, 1871 - died June 11, 1952
          Henry Harrison born July 3, 1875 - died March 5, 1876
          Samuel James born March 3, 1877 - died February 26, 1964

Ona Ida married Jesse Strawsbury and had a daughter, Zelma Pauline on March 23, 1903. Ona and Jesse separated and Ona married Sterling Glazebrook March 3, 1941. Pauline Strasbury married Ewing E. Hamilton on March 10, 1926. They separated and she married Leo Vance on September 25, 1956 and then they separated. Zelma Pauline "Polly" Vance died June 11, 1986 and was buried at Sunset hill Cemetery, Warrensburg, Missouri on June 14, 1986.

Page 3

Vance cont.

Born to Col. Battael Harrison and Adaline Meyers Vance continued:

Born to James Harvey and Josephine Corson Vance continued:

Samuel James married Emma Rhoda Wantland, born March 1, 1883, on December 26, 1900 in Johnson County, Missouri (Chilhowee) where their four children were born:

          A. John James on January 6, 1902
          B. Joseph Morton on October 18, 1906
          C. Zeta Mae on April 21, 1909
          D. Harriet Adaline on January 20, 1913

The family moved to Santa Ana, Orange County, California on November 10, 1920.

A.  John James married Ora Carson in 1923. She was born in Kansas. They had three children all born in Orange County, CA.:

          Richard (Dick) James born October 13, 1923
          Barbara Claire born November 27, 1925
          John Delenor born November 25, 1927

Richard (Dick) joined the Army Air Forces when 18 years old. He was Lieutenant and pilot overseas in World War II while stationed in South Carolina. He met and married Louise Bayley Purcell of Newberry, South Carolina. They had a son, S■■■ E■■■, born ■■■. ■■■ and L■■■ later separated and ■■■ married a lady named Audry.

Barbara Claire married Fred Arthur Salisbury May 27, 1949, in Los Angeles County. He also served in WWII. They had three children:

          S■■■ L■■■ born ■■■ married C■■■ ?.
          S■■■ A■■■ born ■■■
          V■■■ born ■■■ married D■■■ and had a son S■■■ J■■■ born ■■■.

John (Jack) Delenor also served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He later married J■■■ Palmer of Los Angeles County. Their five children were:

          J■■■ M■■■ born ■■■
          J■■■ S■■■ born ■■■
          D■■■ L■■■ born ■■■
          S■■■ L■■■ (L■■■n ?) born ■■■
          J■■■ E■■■ born ■■■

Page 4

Vance cont.

Born to Samuel James and Emma Rhoda Vance continued:

John James died of a heart attack on November 9, 1975. He was buried at Rose Hill Memorial Park in Whittier, California. Ora F. Carson Vance passed away on June 20, 1980 and was also buried at Rose Hill Memorial Park in Whittier, California.

B.  Joseph Morton Vance married February 1, 1941 to Aileen Schwartz who was born in Colorado. Their Four boys were all born in San Bernardina, California:

          J■■■ L■■■ born ■■■
          P■■■ A■■■ born ■■■
          V■■■ M■■■ born ■■■
          Joseph Roger born July 18, 1954

J■■■ L■■■ married L■■■ ■■■.

V■■■ married M■■■ M■■■, ■■■. V■■■ and M■■■ had two children; E■■■ S■■■ and S■■■ A■■■ J■■■

C.  Zeta Mae Vance married Frances N. Edmunds July 21, 1929 and separated in 1950. They had a son, D■■■ V■■■ born ■■■.

D■■■ V■■■ Edmunds married G■■■ Hawkins ■■■ in ■■■. G■■■ was born ■■■. D■■■ and G■■■ had two sons:

          D■■■ G. born in ■■■ on ■■■
          L■■■ D. born in ■■■ on ■■■

Zeta married widower Lawrence W. (Si) Eaton of Anaheim, January 9, 1953. Si had a daughter from his first marriage. Si died October 11, 1964 following a stroke on October 10th, 1964.

D.  Harriet Adaline Vance married Cedric E. Jones July 20, 1932. They had a son Conrad born June 6, 1933. Conrad died May 26, 1937. Harriet and Cedric separated in 1938.

Page 5

Vance cont.

Born to Samuel James and Emma Rhoda Vance continued:

Harriet married Arthur Baker Rockhold on June 18, 1944. Arthur was born in Oklahoma on December 15, 1914 and died December 1984. He served overseas four years in the U.S. Navy. They had two daughters:

          L■■■ K■■■ born in ■■■ on ■■■
          J■■■ L■■■ born in ■■■ on ■■■

L■■■ married G■■■ M■■■ Brown ■■■. They separated ■■■. L■■■ married W■■■ H■■■ Fletcher ■■■. W■■■ had a daughter from a previous marriage named K■■■ A■■■ Fletcher born in ■■■.

J■■■ L■■■ married Captain G■■■ N■■■ Jannetta ■■■. Captain Janetta served with the USMC in Vietnam. J■■■ L■■■ and G■■■ had two sons:

          R■■■ S■■■ born in ■■■ on ■■■
          G■■■ N■■■ born in ■■■ on ■■■

J■■■ L■■■ and G■■■ separated in ■■■.

Samuel James Vance had strokes on February 3 and 8, 1964. He died on February 26, 1964 at 8:15 a.m. He had a Masonic Funeral and was interned in the Court of Reflection at Fairhaven Memorial Park, Orange, CA.

6.  Lib Vance married William G. Smith and had 5 children:

          Cliff who married Ella
          Clarence who married Lillia
          Ice who married H. L. Ross and had 3 children (Jewel, Glee and Vance)
          Mayme who married Carl Mitz and had one son, Earl
          Cloud who never married

7.  Katherine Ann married J. Kinsey Reed and had four children:

          John Harland who married and had 3 children
          Jamis Leighton who never married
          Duncan who married Alta and had 2 girls and 1 boy
          Georgia who married Frank Lime and had 2 children. (Frank Lime murdered Georgia in their home.)

Page 6



The Corsons were Americans in Ohio and Missouri.

Nancy Myers was Samuel James Vance's great grandmother. She lived to be 106 year old.

Nancy Myers married Mathias Smith and had a daughter Harriet Smith born November 10, 1818.

Harriet Smith married Henry Corson, born November 19, 1810, in Somerset County, Ohio April 9, 1840. Later years, they were among pioneers settling in Cooper County, Missouri in 1856. They lived there during the Civil War and their sons served in the War. Later they moved to Johnson County, Missouri where they lived on a farm southwest of Chilhowee. They lived there the remainder of their lives. Harriet and Henry had 13 children all born in Johnson County, Missouri:

          1. & 2.  Two eldest children born and died in Ohio.
          3.  John Meyers {Myers} born Jan. 10, 1842 - died March 16, 1891
          4.  William Allen born Dec. 20, 1842
          5.  Richard B. born Feb. 9, 1844 - died August 26, 1917
          6.  M. Smith born July 9, 1845 - died May 16, 1929
          7.  Josephine born February 8, 1849 - died March 7, 1926
          8.  Thomas J. born September 1840
          9.  Mary born January 22, 1853 - died February 11, 1879
        10.  Lewis born January 13, 1856 - died October 11, 1945
        11.  James A. born May 29, 1857 - died November 11, 1899
        12.  Alice born January 2, 1860 - died September 13, 1942
        13.  Lizzie born May 29, 1865 - died June 12, 1951

3.  John Meyers Corson married Amanda and had two children, Henry and Minnie (Jones).

4.  William Allen Corson married Minerva Deever in 1866. They had six children. Only two surviving sons, Lewis and Arthur.

5, 10, 11, & 12.  Richard, Lewis, James and Alice never married.

6.  M. Smith Corson was born in White Oak, Fayette County, Ohio and moved to Missouri in 1855 and to Johnson County, Missouri in 1866. He married Beatric Moore in 1870. They had two sons, Tom and Miley, and a daughter, Nettie. Beatrice died in 1901 and Nettie died in 1902. M. Smith married Beatrice's sister, Elta Moore Wright, in 1904. Elta died July 24, 1923.

Page 7

Corson cont.

Born to Henry and Harriet Corson continued:

7.  Josephine Corson married James Harvey Vance January 18, 1871 in Johnson County, Missouri. They had three children, all born in Johnson County, Missouri:

          Ona Ida born October 19, 1871 - died June 11, 1952
          Henry Harrison born July 3, 1875 - died March 5, 1876
          Samuel James born March 3, 1877 - died February 26, 1964
          (See Vance pages 2, 3, 4 & 5.)

8.  Tom married Emma Stansbury and had three children (Elmer, Schylar and Millie). Millie Corson Gray died August 22, 1937.

9.  Mary Corson married John Stansbury and had two children (Jerd and Carrie).

13.  Lizzie Corson married Dr. C. G. Keehn on December 17, 1890. They had two daughters, Alice and Dona. Dona drowned in Lake Wawasee, Indiana, their home in Indiana.

Henry Corson (father to the prvious 13 children) died November 17, 1895 and Harriet Corson died Jun 21, 1917. She was 98 years old when she died.

NOTE:  Entry in ledger refers to "Aunt" Mary Corson born in 1837(?).

Page 8


Wantland:  English, Welsh and French

Thomas Wantland was born aboard a ship coming to America from England. His father was not known. Thomas Wantland married Elizabeth Dishman (French and Welsh). Her father and brother, Jerry, were taken prisoners by the English during the Revolution War and at the close of war were exchanged for English soldiers who were taken by Americans.

The Dishmans had eight children:

          Jimmie who married Peggy Waters
          Logan who married Miss Smith
          Elizabeth who married Thomas Wantland
          Polly who married Jack Stahle
          Prudence who married Mr. Kerby
          Susan who married Thomas Galoway
          Annie who married Beryl Noell

Elizabeth Dishman Wantland and Thomas Wantland had children. They were:

          Woodford Stanford born Sept. 29, 1810 died Sept. 18, 1881
          John Bedford
          Garnill who died

Elizabeth Dishman Wantland died and Thomas Wantland married Mrs. Buill and they had children. They were:

          Silas who died in St. Louis, Missouri in 1849

Page 9

Wantland cont.

Born to Thomas Wantland and Elizabeth Dishman Wantland continued:

Woodford Stanford Wantland married Rhoda Scott, who was born of German and American decent on September 18, 1818. Rhoda died Mary 17, 1906. They were married in C.P. Church, Simpson County, Kentucky in 1836. They went to Johnson County, Missouri in 1861 with their family of ten children:

          Thomas Wantland who never married
          Elizabeth who married Dan Evans
          Rachel who never married
          Julia who died young
          Ella who never married and died November 1911
          Nannie who married Tob Lannom
          Georgia who never married
          John born July 27 1853 - died August 10, 1919
          Woodford born June 9, 1856 died November 26, 1911
          Sallie born February 15, 1859 and died April 7, 1936.

All ten children passed away on the farm the settled on when they came from Kentucky in 1861. All children were born in Kentucky.

Elizabeth Married Dan Evans and had children. They were:

          Frank Evans who married Mag Armstrong and had two boys and one girl.
          Malinda who married John Dunn and had two sons: Jesse and DeWill Dun
          Lourinda who never married
          Ada who never married
          Jack Evans who never married

John Wantland born (born to Woodford Stanford Wantland and Rhoda Scott), in Simpson County, Kentucky, married Suetta Morton Potts, in Johnson County, Missouri on February 26, 1878. Suetta was born on July 18, 1860 in Henry County, Missouri and died March 2, 1903. John and Suetta had two children born in Johnson County, Missouri. They were:

          John Stanford born Jan. 4, 1880 - died Jan. 28, 1937
          Rhoda Wantland born March 1, 1883

Page 10

Wantland cont.

Born to Woodford Stanford and Rhoda Scott Wantland continued:

Born to John Wantland and Suetta Potts Wantland continued:

(John) Stanford Wantland married Maud Jeters on April 6, 1902. Maud Jeters Wantland was born on July 4, 1883. Stanford and Maude had three children born in Chilhowee, Missouri. They were:

          Jewel who married Ray Tarr and had three children: John, Linda and Jo An. Jewel died Nov. 1985.
          Pembrook (Buster) who married Ingram and then Jessie ?
          Wyota born October 14, 1914 married William Estelle Adams and had no children. Wyota died April 24, 1995.

Emma Rhoda Wantland married Samuel James Vance. (See Vance pages 2, 3, 4 & 5.)

Page 11


German and American

Mr. and Mrs. Dooly, American born, decendents of Germans.

Colonel Dooley and son were killed in Revolution War. The daughter, Rachel, married Thomas Hardy of American and English decent. Thomas Hardy fought seven years in infantry during American Revolution War. Rachel and Thomas' only child married Moses Scott. He had a brother, Sincler Scott, and a sister, Annie, a noted author. Moses Scott and his wife (Miss Hardy) had 13 children. They were:

          Rebecca who died at sixteen
          Polly who married Barnett
          Nancy who died
          America who married Winfield Dickerson
          Lucy who married Bill Carter (?)
          Martha who married John Malone
          Bill who married Anna Elliot
          Sallie who married John Bedford Wantland (Page 8)
          Julia who married Bill Carler (Carter ?)
          Emaline who married Isaac Carter
          Sophie who married Bill Lions
          Rhoda who married Woodford S. Wantland
          Rachel who married Kit Elliot

See Rhoda Scott Wantland and Woodford Stanford Wantland page 9.

Page 12



John and James Potts located from Pennsylvania to Charlotte, Mecklandburg County, North Carolina and then to Illinois and on to Missouri.

A John Potts had two children by his first wife. Their names were James and Margaret Potts. John Potts had two sons by his second wife. They were William and Robert. William is a Revolution Ancester.

Robert married Elizabeth McKeown (or McEwen). No further information on Robert.

William married Margaret McKeown (or McEwen), Elizabeth's sister. William and Elizabeth had six children. They were:

          Robert who married *Jane Witherspoon
          Benjamin who married Margaret Witherspoon
          Absolum who never married
          David who married Martha Brady
          Elizabeth Jane who married Isaac Witherspoon
          Cynthia who married William Fortune.

*William Potts also reared Jane Witherspoon who later married his son Robert.

Robert Potts and Jane Witherspoon married on August 23, 1791 and had ten children. They were:

          Elizabeth born Sept. 16, 1792 - died 1864 (Hall)
          Margaret born Jan. 26, 1794 - died April 14, 1794
          Delilah born May 4, 1795 and never married
          Melisse born Jan. 7, 1798 and married C. B. Tandy
          G. Jincy born June 4, 1800 and married Nesbit
          A baby born Apr. 10, 1805 - died April 1805
          Absolum born Apr. 12, 1806 and married McKeown and Susan Wall
          Margery Carolin born July 30, 1808 and married Luther Morrison
          John Morton born July 16, 1812 and married Emma Baggerly

Thomas Bowman born 1828 was a boy they raised.

Page 13

Potts cont.

Born to William Potts and Margaret McKeown Potts continued:

Born to Robert Potts and Jane Witherspoon Potts continued:

John Potts' will is dated May 1, 1783. John mad a deed to land near Charlotte, North Carolina to William. William divided the land between his sons, Robert, Benjamin and David. The girls got slaves and livestock. Son, Robert's, will gave the furniture and livestock to his girls. Absolum had collected.(?) Absolum and Susan Wall Potts lived in Johnson County, MO near Blairstown.

John Morton was on the home place with his mother (Jane Witherspoon Potts) and later sold it in 1839 to pay a debt. He had to pay a note for a cousin he couldn't find.

John Morton Potts and Emma Baggerly Potts had six children. They were:
          1. Hiram born (?) - died 1875
          2. Jennie born June 15, 1845 - died 1939
          3. Frances born Dec. 15, 1848 - died July 25, 1910
          4. Margaret born Aug. 18, 1851 - died June 6, 1878
          5. Charles II. born Dec 18, 1856 - died July 19, 1938
          6. Suetta Morton born July 18, 1860 - died Mar. 2, 1903

John Morton Potts moved his family in 1850 from North Carolina to Statesville, Illinois. Then went to Libelfield near Jerseyville, Jersey County. John Morton and his wife, Emma, and his sister, Delilah, were dismissed from a church in Illinois. His health was failing. He was a cabinet maker. In 1859, he went with his family to his brother, Absolum Potts in Missouri and he died in 1862 and was buried at bear creek near Blairstown.

1. Hiram Potts married Almeda Munday and lived in Henry County, Missouri south of Calhoun. They had one daughter, Emma born April 6, 1871 who married Sam Weakley and had three children; Lorene, Clay and Hershel.

2. Jennie Potts married Jim Anderson and lived near Neosho, Newton County, Missouri and have five daughters. They were:

          Ella who married Adams (?)
          Ida who married Rose (?)
          Dixie who married Jim Herring and had three children
          Lou who married Foster and had two boys
          Etta who married C. M. Cravens and had two daughters;
                    Janet who married Chas Jonas and had no children and
                    Katherine who married Chas Wilson and had one son

The families lived in Kansas City, Missouri.

Page 14

Potts cont.

Born to Robert Potts and Jane Witherspoon Potts continued:

Born to John Morton Potts and Emma Baggerly Potts continued:

3. Frances Potts married John Key who died in 1908. They had seven children and lived in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri. Their children were:

          Will who married Lutie Petty (?) and had one girl who died young
          Edd who married Grace and had a daughter who died young
          Stella who married Arthur Hargrove and had one son, Frank.
          Lou who never married and lived in Washington
          Rosco who married ? and had 2 or 3 children
        * Glessner who married Jim T. Edmiston and had three children
          Blanck who married T. T. Clark and had one daughter
          {The following lines are essentially duplicated as item 4 below.
           They were entered in error here in the original transcription.}

          Margaret Potts (Key) who married Jim Faith and had three daughters (two died young)
          Nancy Ursa who married J. T. Weakley and had two children named Alton and Margaret

        * Glessner Key Edminston of Walker, Missouri is registered with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) hedquartered in Washington D.C. The registered number is 438440 and was admitted October 13, 1955. Her mother was Francis Delilah Potts Key. Sister to Suetta Morton Potts Wantland (Emma Rhoda's mother). Glessner was Emma's aunt.

4. Margaret Potts married Jim Faith and had three daughters; two died young and Nancy Ursa married J. T. Weakley and had two children; Alton and Margaret.

5. Charles H. Potts married Emma Walker. Emma was born December 9, 1850 and died December 16, 1925. They did not have any children.
They raised a girl born near Clinton, Henry County, Missouri. Her name was Virgel Petty. She married Glenn Tidball of Santa Ana, California and had one daughter. Charles H. Potts and family lived in Kansas until they moved to California.

6. Suetta Morton Potts was born in Henry County, Missouri, near Norris on July 18, 1860. On February 26, 1878, she married John Wantland. John Wantland was born in Kentucky on July 27, 1853. Suetta and John made their home in Johnson County Missouri and had two children; John Stanford and Emma Rhoda. (See Wantland pages 9 & 10).

Page 15

{Page contains a pedigree chart for Emma Rhoda Wantland and Samuel James Vance}

  • Emma Rhoda Wantland
    • Suetta Morton Potts 1860-1903
      • Emma Baggerly
      • John Morton Potts 1812-1862
        • Jane Witherspoon
        • Robert Potts 1772
          • Margaret McKeown
          • Wm. Potts
    • John Wantland 1853-1919
      • Rhoda Scott 1818-1906
        • Hardy
          • Rachel Dooly
          • Thomas Hardy --- English
        • Moses Scott
      • Woodford Stanford Wantland 1810-1831
        • Elizabeth Dishman --- ? & Welch
        • Thomas Wantland - (5) Born aboard ship coming to America from Eng. --- French English-Welch
  • Samuel James Vance 1877-1964
    • Josephine Corson 1849-1926
      • Harriet Smith 1818-1917
        • Nancy Myers age 106
        • Mathias Smith
      • Henry Corson 1810-1895 - (4) Pioneers who settled in Cooper Co., MO before Civil War
        • Mary
        • Richard Corson
    • James Harvey Vance 1850-1905
      • Adaline Myers
      • Col. Battael Harrison Vance - (3) Civil War
        • Mary Scott
          • Matthew J. Scott 1739 - (2) Commanded a company in Battle of Brandywine - Rev. War --- German
        • Comp.{?} William Vance Jr.
          • Elizabeth Newell
          • Col. William Vance - (1) Col. 12th Virginia Regiment Revolutionary War --- English

Page 16

{Page contains a copy of a Land Bounty - hand-written items are underscored}

Executive Department, Richmond, December 13th 1833.

The Heirs of William Vause are allowed Land Bounty for his services as a Captain in the Continental Line for one year additional if not hertofore drawn. The Register will issue a warrant accordingly.

{???} Richardson   John Floyd

Council Chamber Nov 25th 1784.

I do certify that William Vause is entitled to the proportion of land allowed a Captain of the Continental line, for three years service.

Benjamine Harrison   Thomas Meriweather{?}

A warrant for 4000 Acres issued to William Vause Dec. 6th 1784

A Copy from the Records of the Land Office of Va.

???   Dec 12 1833




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{Land Bounty}
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