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taken by
Jack Myers and Mary Myers

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October 29 - We flew from Baton Rouge to Cincinnati, drove to Deer Creek Resort.

October 30 - We visited the home of Edson & Martha Myers in Mt. Sterling.

We met their daughters, our fourth cousins, Esther & Ginnie, and set off for our first stop:
the home of our great-great-great-grandfather Col. Samuel Myers outside Bloomingburg.

It is being fully restored by owners Dan & Cindy Drake, who gave us a wonderful tour.
SamuelMyers01 SamuelMyers02 SamuelMyers03 SamuelMyers05

Dan / carpenter Jones / Cindy - Jack / Mary / Esther / Ginnie - View from down the road
SamuelMyers16 SamuelMyers12 SamuelMyers17

Down the road is what may have been the home of our great-great grandfather John L. Myers.

It has been fully restored by Connie Wineger, who was kind enough to allow us to see inside
despite the recent loss of her husband who did the restoration and served in the armed forces.
JohnLMyers01 JohnLMyers03 JohnLMyers04

We next took a short drive to the Bloomingburg Cemetery and saw the Myers section
where our great-great-great-great grandparents and many other relatives were buried.
Then we returned to the home of Edson & Martha Myers for more visiting with family.
BloomingburgCem29 BloomingburgCem09 BloomingburgCem17 EdsonMyers

October 31 - We visited our grandparent's farm and the mill on Deer Creek.

Although our parents had told us the farm had not been maintained and was in bad shape,
as we turned off onto the dirt road we still weren't prepared for what we were about to see.

However, we did have a long visit with Eugene Grigsby, who bought the farm in 1949,
and still lives there.  Mary got to pump water from the well as she did when she was six. MyersFarm01 MyersFarm02 MyersFarm03 MyersFarm04
MyersFarm06 MyersFarm08 MyersFarm09 MyersFarm10

Next we visited the mill on Deer Creek where our father worked and which had been restored
by the Ely's, who sold it to John Rankin, who was kind enough to let us tour inside and out.
DeerCreekMill05 DeerCreekMill01 DeerCreekMill06 DeerCreekMill08

November 1 - We visited Springlawn Cemetery outside Williamsport.

We first tried to open the Myers mausoleum, but the locks were frozen, so we drove
to Circleville to arrange to have names of people buried there engraved on the side. Mausoleum01 Mausoleum02

Here are the results of the engraving, courtesy of Becky at Wellman Monument Company:

We had the only rain of the trip in the morning, and after settling the engraving we returned
to do some walking around ground of Deer Creek Lodge, center of operations for the trip.
DeerCreekLodge01 DeerCreekLodge02 DeerCreekLodge03 DeerCreekLodge04 DeerCreekLodge06 DeerCreekLodge07 DeerCreekLodge09 DeerCreekLodge10

November 2 - We visited the Ross County Historical Society in Chillicothe.

Our grandmother had donated several items to the museum, so we took the tour.
Some items were on display, and Jaime Bliven had located several other items,
including three old family photographs that we were able to get good copies of.

The sampler that was on display was done by our great-great-great grandmother and
the Spoon-Fork-Knife used by our great-grandfather when he served in the Civil War. Sampler SpoonForkKnife

November 3 - We re-visited Springlawn Cemetery and opened the Myers mausoleum.

A locksmith met us and after applications of a solvent and hammer, he got the padlock open.
With the gates open, he was better able to work on the door lock and soon had it open.

Our objective was to confirm that the remains of our grandparents and great-grandparents
were inside, which we were able to do.  Grandmother had been cremated and the last time
the mausoleum had been opened was 1950 when our father put the urn with her ashes there.
We were surprised to see the tiled floor with the mosaic "M" initial and three unused crypts. Mausoleum07 Mausoleum08 Mausoleum09 Mausoleum10

November 4 - We drove through Hillsboro and then visited a huge antique mall.

November 5 - We flew from Cincinnati to Baton Rouge - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!