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Jack Myers

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December 13 - I flew from Baton Rouge to Santa Ana (John Wayne Airport), where my eldest son John picked me up and drove to his condo in Huntington Beach.

December 14 - John and I visited the home of 2nd cousin Corie Prince in Long Beach and had a wonderful dinner and visit with her daughters Jackie and Julie.

Decmber 15 - My youngest son Ken drove down from Van Nuys for dinner with John and I.

December 16 - Corie picked up John, Ken, and I, and we drove to Newport to meet for the first time 2nd cousin Judy Hoyt Pettigrew for breakfast. Corie's son Geoff also joined us.

Jack - Judy - John - Geoff - Ken - Corie

Jack - Judy - Corie

Ken - John - Judy - Corie

December 17 - John and I drove to Sherman Oaks to see Ken's new office (Injury Law Center).

December 18 - I had a great Italian dinner with Judy Grady (my ex-wife), and Ken & Leslie King, who are expecting a son March 23, tentatively to be named Elijah Tyler Myers.

Jack - Leslie - Ken

December 19 - Ken and I went to breakfast with Judy; Judy and I raved about Leslie.

December 20 - I flew from Santa Ana to Baton Rouge - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!