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taken by
John, Ken, Elijah Myers; Leslie King

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November 21 - John, Ken, EJ, and Leslie flew from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

I picked them up and we drove to my house for the traditional soup and sandwiches.
EJ had his own meal and played with his new toys and everyone got settled in.

Ken, Leslie & EJ, John - Ken, EJ - EJ
LA1-01 LA1-02 LA1-03

EJ - John, Ken, Leslie, EJ - EJ
LA1-04 LA1-05 LA1-06

November 22 - We drove to Mary's house in Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving dinner

EJ met cousin Donovan, great-aunt Mary, aunt Mary Kay, uncle Matt & aunt Brandolyn.
After that we visited over a great dinner with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings.
After dinner we took a ride to LSU and saw Mike the Tiger and then the kids played.

Mary Kay, Mary, Ken & EJ, Brandolyn & Donovan - Brandolyn, EJ & Mary Kay, Leslie
LA1-07 LA1-08

John, Matt, Donovan - Leslie, EJ, Ken - Donovan, Brandolyn, Matt, John
LA1-09 LA1-10 LA1-11

Leslie, Mary Kay, Mary - EJ - Ken, Leslie & EJ - Mary Kay & Donovan, Brandolyn, EJ & Leslie
LA1-12 LA1-13 LA1-14 LA1-15

November 23 - Mary, Mary Kay, Matt, Brandolyn, and Donovan drove to my house.

We played with the kids, rode the boat, ate Jay's BBQ, watched the LSU game.

Kenk & Elijah - Leslie, EJ, Ken - Donovan, EJ
LA1-16 On Jack's Boat LA1-17

Matt, John - Mary & EJ - EJ & Jack
LA1-18 EJ With Aunt Mary EJ With Jack

November 24 - Mary brought a delicious gumbo lunch to my house.

EJ, Ken, John, Jack, Mary, Mary Kay - EJ, Ken - Ken & EJ, Leslie
Gumbo Dinner 2007 #1 Gumbo Dinner 2007 #2 Gumbo Dinner 2007 #3

John and I fished and John caught a big one and some smaller ones.

John - Leslie & EJ - Leslie & EJ
LA1-19 LA1-20 LA1-21

November 25 - Went to the mall, had lunch; then Ken, Leslie and EJ flew back to LA.

Shoppers, EJ, Leslie, Ken - Shoppers, EJ, Leslie - EJ, Donovan - EJ, Donovan
LA1-22 LA1-23 LA1-24 LA1-25

November 26 - John did lawyer stuff in BR, we had lunch at Mary's, then fished.


November 27 - We went to Cabela's and got rods, fished; then he flew back to LA.