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Jack Myers

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May 23 - I flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles and rode with John to his condo.

Had a great dinner at Hof's Hut and visited with John.

May 24 - Breakfast at IHOP, John's new refrigerator came, lunch with Corie.

Since John's refrigerator was out, we went out for breakfast. After the refrigerator was set up we met cousin Corie at Mimi's, and Julie and Ryan joined us for a great visit and a lot of laughs. Then we went to the grocery to get food to stock up the new fridge, and I cooked spaghetti for dinner.

May 25 - After breakfast, Yasmine came over and we drove to Ken & Leslie's.

We ate in and watched EJ play hide-and-seek with Ken while the Indianapolis 500 was on.

Yasmine & John

EJ & Ken - EJ missing the race - Ken & EJ playing hide & seek
CA5-2 CA5-3 CA5-4 CA5-5

May 26 - EJ ate first, then a breakfast at the golf course and a visit to the park.

EJ having breakfast - At the golf course - A snack at the park - Let's go, folks!
CA5-6 CA5-7 CA5-8 CA5-13

Slide and swing were not big hits, but EJ was fascinated with the sand
CA5-9 CA5-10 CA5-11 CA5-12

Why can't I get a grip on this stuff?
CA5-14 CA5-15 CA5-16 CA5-17 CA5-18

Back on familiar ground
CA5-19 CA5-20

May 27 - Ken went to work; Leslie & I played with EJ.

May 28 - Ken went to work; Leslie & I took EJ to the zoo.
Had a late lunch and Leslie's great strawberry pie.

Ken playing hide and seek with EJ before work
CA5-21 CA5-22

EJ running around - Break time - Here we go again - Cameras everywhere
EJ Running Around At Zoo CA5-23 CA5-24 CA5-25

An animal close up - Almost done - Water is really fun
CA5-26 CA5-27 CA5-28

May 29 - I flew from Los Angeles to New Orleans - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!