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Privacy Policy

This information is provided for the use of persons engaged in non-commercial genealogical research
and any commercial use whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Copyright © 2005 by John William Myers III.

I am sorry that I feel the need for a privacy policy on this website as it merely states what I would expect any person to comply with.  But unfortunately there are people who just weren't raised right, and do things that they shouldn't.  This causes people to be just a little cautious of anything having to do with the Internet - email, websites, etc.  So if you have any concerns, I hope this will put them to rest, so that you will be willing to respond if I attempt to contact you.  I follow the following guidelines:

  1. Web Family Cards designate living persons under age 100 as "private" and display only the person's initials and last name.  (This determination can only be made by the program if the person's date of birth, exact or approximate, is entered, which is why I always try to obtain the birth dates or ages for living people.)
  2. Contact information for a person is never shared without their permission.  This includes email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers.  If someone asks to contact you, I will contact you first to ask your permission.
  3. I never send bulk emails, forward spam, or send an email to anyone that is not individually written to that person, with the exception that I may send an email to multiple people if they are related (siblings, for example).
  4. Since I use a Mac, it is unlikely that my computer will get a virus, but to be certain that contact information is not easily found it is not kept in my address book, but only within the genealogy program.
John William Myers III

P.S. - How Do I Find People?

The fact is that most information about people is available - sometimes for free, sometimes for a price.  I subscribe to and with their service I can often find a living person's date of birth, family members, address, and telephone number.  Newsbank provides articles including obituaries, birth notices, and other information about people.  Intelius provides ages, locations, and relatives of people, and for an additional fee will provide birth dates, addresses, and phone numbers if available. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo also can locate information that one would not generally think would be on the Internet - classified ads, church bulletins, school newspapers, charity brochures, and the like.  County Recorders provide records of births, marriages, divorces, etc., and Probate Courts furnish wills and next-of-kin documents identifying descendants and addresses.  Finally, the most reliable sources are relatives who provide information in the interest in connecting us to our past and to our cousins - thank you.