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taken by
Jack Myers and Mary Myers

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May 2 - We left Baton Rouge early and spent the night in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

May 3 - We drove to the Ross County Historical Society Museum in Chillicothe, Ohio.

We met Jaime Bliven and donated several articles of clothing worn by our grandparents
and great-grandparents, including grandmother Etta Hoyt Myers's wedding dress. Then
we continued to Deer Creek Resort, which was our headquarters for our stay in Ohio.
Unfortunately, we had problems the new management, especially with the food service.
But the setting was beautiful and peaceful, and we saw deer as well as other wildlife.

May 4 - We visited our grandparent's farm on Deer Creek near Williamsport.

We met Eugene Grigsby, who still occupies the house, living there alone at 91 years of age.
He took us into the basement to see the washing machine that our father described in his book. MyersFarm12 MyersFarm13 MyersFarm14
MyersFarm11 MyersFarm15 MyersFarm16

We were able to take a closer look at the dining room set that had belonged to our grandmother,
which we would like to buy, but Mr. Grigsby made it clear that he is not ready to part with it yet. MyersFarm17 MyersFarm18 MyersFarm19 MyersFarm20

After Mary checked out the well, we took an off-road drive by the fields and down to Deer Creek. MyersFarm21 MyersFarm22 MyersFarm23 MyersFarm24

After we returned to the house, Mr. Grigsby showed us some albums of his and gave us
copies of a photo of his mother in front of the farm house taken shortly after the sale in 1949.
(Some of the original columns from the front porch are stored in the shed behind the house.) HouseAfterSale

Next we visited visited Springlawn Cemetery to check the engraving on the Myers Mausoleum,
and the Civil War plaque which had been installed thanks to Don Meenach and Warren Gentzel. Mausoleum12 Mausoleum13 Mausoleum15

May 5 - We met our 2nd cousin Marilyn Parr Ayers and her son Eric Durell
We met for the first time and had a nice visit at Marilyn's home, followed by a great Italian dinner. MarilynAyres

On the way back to the lodge, we checked out the beach area.
DeerCreekLodge11 DeerCreekLodge12

May 6 - We drove to the Amish settlement at Berlin, toured a farm, had a great dinner

The tour-guide was New Order (soft-shell) Amish, so she was allowed to pose for a picture. Amish1 Amish2

May 7 - We visited our 4th cousins and their parents, Edson & Martha Myers.

We drove to Esther Mason's home in Washington C.H. where Ginnie Morgan joined us.
After a tour of Esther's home we had a delightful lunch, and got to meet Elmer Mason.
They gave me a large folder of genealogy material to which I will be going through soon.
Then we drove to Edson & Martha's home for a great visit. Mary did some arrowhead hunting.
I photographed a bird feeder to build some day, and saw some of Edson's extensive collection.
And Edson gave me a hatchet that he had hand-made, including the head, handle, and case.
EdsonMyers04 EdsonMyers05 EdsonMyers06

May 8 - We left early and drove to Tuscaloosa, AL, and had the best steak ever.

May 9 - We drove to Baton Rouge; round-trip was 2500 miles - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!