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Daisy at age 5 years - Graduation from High School - Center in black dress (always very thin)

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           Daisy Magdalena Scholl Hammel was born at home in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, July 6, 1879, and died November 20, 1954, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

           I found and transcribed three little notebooks that she wrote.  Her daughter (my mother) wrote on the front of the Birthdays notebook "A Year of Daisy Scholl Hammel's Happy Life."

John William Myers, III
September 26, 2007
Maurepas, Louisiana








John H. Hammel, Jr.

Born Wed. Dec. 25, 1907.
Baptized Sun. Jan. 26, 1908.
Photograph taken July 10, 1908, age 6 1/2 months.
Cut first tooth July 4, 1908 (6 mo. 9 da.).
Sat up alone at age of 5 months, May 11, 1908.
Walked in February 1909.
Became ill with Laryngeal-Bronchitis on Wed. October 20, 1909.
Developed Diphtheria Fri. Oct. 29, Crisis Oct. 31.
Had Adenoids removed March 1913.
Developed Whooping Cough April 28, 1913, lasted until July 1913.

Entered Third Grade of Beauregard School Sept. 1914.  After the Sept. storm of 1915 when the roof of the school building was damaged, attended classes of Warren Easton high School until repairs were made.  Was graduated from the Eighth Grade in June 1920, as valedictorian of his class.  Class Ode:  "Here's John Hammel who is neat in his looks, and like a grave professor is always delving into books."

Entered Warren Easton in Sept. 1920, for a four year Academic Course.  Attended summer classes at Tulane University thus enabling him to make additional credits.  Was graduated June 1923.

Entered Tulane University Sept. 1923, as a freshman.  He had 1 year of Pre-Law and 3 years of Law Course.  Was graduated with a LL.B. degree June 1927 at the age of 19 yrs. 7 mo.  He received his diploma from Tulane but as he had not attained his majority did not receive his certificate enabling him to practice until December 25, 1928.

He entered the Law Office of Martin Manion and Herbert Kaiser in Jan. 1928 as an assistant to Mr. Manion.  After Dec. 25, 1928, he was a regular attorney having attained the age of 21 and began the practice of law.

He blazed his own trail and is now one of New Orleans most successful lawyers.


Alta Scholl Hammel

Born Tuesday September 7, 1909.
Baptized Sun. October 9, 1909.
Photograph taken March 22, 1910.
Cut first tooth Jan. 1910 at the age of 4 months.
Sat alone at the age of 5 months.
Walked in August 1910 at the age of 11 months.
Was 7 weeks of age when John developed diptheria.
Had childrens deseases.
Slight attach of whooping cough, of measles, slight attack of chicken pox.
Suffered greatly with swollen glands.

Entered the Third Grade of Beauregard School September 1916 and was graduated in June 1922.  Presented class picture.  Class Ode:  "Here's Alta Hammel with a voice like a bird, and sings the sweetest songs that ever I have heard."

Entered John McDonogh High School Sept. 1922 and was graduated as an honor student June 1925.  Had the lead (male part) in the Class Play.  Sang the solo part of _____ at the Graduation Excercises.

Entered the New Orleans Normal School Sept. 1925.  Was assigned to Judah P. Benjamin for Normal Practice Teaching.  Average for this was 95%.  Was graduated in June 1927.

In Sept. 1927 was assigned as a permanent substitute at McDonogh 28 School and after 13 days of teaching, was assigned as a regular teacher at Allen School.

In Sept. 1929 was transferred to St. Philip for 2 weeks, then assigned to Audubon School where she remained until her marriage June 19, 1935 to John W. Myers of Williamsport, Ohio.  He is connected with the Engineers of the First division Waterways at Prytania and the River.

John Myers enlisted in the Army in Sept. 1941.  Was sent to Galveston, Texas, as an engineer to Air Corps there.  Left N.O. on Dec. 22, 1942.  He, Alta, and Jack were there for 6 months.  In June, 1943, he was assigned as Asst. Post Engineer to the Air Field at Lake Charles to Col. O'Keefe.  Later he was made Post Engineer.  On Feb. 11, 1945, the Second World War having ended, he was released from duty holding the rank of Major.  He accepted a position as Engineer of Aviation for the State of Louisiana.

The Myers family now reside in their own home at 443 Centenary in Baton Rouge.



This is my birthday.  Today, July 6, 1948, I am 69 years old.  What a happy day!  John, Ethel, and Jack, Bill, and Richard came.  John and Ethel gave me 2 pairs of fine Nylon hose; Jack gave me a glass bowl; from Bill I received 2 handkerchiefs and a beautiful dahlia from his bush.  Richard gave me this little book.  John took Dad, Aunt Pearl and me to dinner at Lenfant's.  Then to the Orpheum to see Red Skelton in "The Fuller Brush Man."  Henry gave me money for my Birthday and from Aunt Pearl I had a pretty dorine.  I enjoyed so happy a day.

Henry and I had visited Alta, John, Jack and Mary on Saturday and Sunday July 3 and 4.  We spent a most pleasant week-end.  Alta and John gave me L'Aimant Toilet Water and Dusting Powder; Jack and Mary gave me Nylon Nail Polish, and Jack made the Birthday Card.  It was so pretty.

How nice it was!  I had 2 celebrations.  I am a lucky person to have so nice a family to make my natal day so pleasurable an event.  Aunt Josie phoned to wish me 'A Happy Birthday.'

Henry and I went on our vacation with Alta and her family on Sunday, Aug. 15, 1948, to Covington.  That day it was warm but a cool spell set in and we all enjoyed a very pleasant week.  On Sunday Aug. 22, we rode to Baton Rouge.  It was a nice trip, as we traveled over a part of Louisiana through which we had not been over.  Crossed the Tchefunte, Tangipahoa, and Amite rivers.

Dad and I had a very nice week with the Myers' family and the weather was cool.  Went to the Dalton Theatre to see 'On An Island With You', featuring Esther Williams.  All enjoyed it.

We returned to N.O. on Sunday Aug. 29 for another week of vacation.  Henry and I were married 42 years on Sunday, Sept. 12, 1948.  Ethel and the boys came to dinner.  John was painting in the home they purchased at 84 Versailles Boulevard.  We went for him later, and he took us for a ride.  Ethel and John and the boys gave me a bottle of Friendship Garden Toilet Water and Henry a bottle of Liquor.

Alta sent me 2 aprons that she made, and to Dad a carton of cigarettes.  John, Jack and Mary were co-senders.  I had received a letter from Alta to Dad and me, congratulating us, and on Sunday afternoon there was a phone call from the Myers' family expressing their best wishes.  Jack had been operated on for removal of Tonsils and Adenoids so they were unable to come to New Orleans.  Henry and I attended Church service in the morning, and spent a happy Anniversary.

On Sunday, Oct. 24, 1948, Dad, I, and Aunt Pearl went to John's house for dinner.  Ethel had invited the Myers' family also.  The family was to see the home that John and Ethel had purchased at 84 Versailles Boulevard.  It was John Myers' birthday and what a pleasant day we spent, admiring the Hammels Jr. pretty home.  Ethel served a delicious dinner.  Everyone relished it.  The children Jack, Bill, Richard were so happy to entertain Jack and Mary, and when the time for departing came, all regretted that a perfect day had ended.

The Myers' family came from Baton Rouge on Saturday and spent the day with Dad and me.  We had so nice a time.  They slept at our house and thus were in readiness for the visit on Sunday to the Hammels.

On Saturday November 19 Dad and I drove to Baton Rouge.  It was Mary's fifth birthday and incidentally the first birthday party for Mary at which we were present.  About 7 children attended; games were played, and Alta served Ice Cream and slices of Birthday Cake.  Jack did not go to the L.S.U.-Alabama game as he preferred to be at Mary's party.  It was a nice gesture on his part.

On Sunday we all attended service at the First Lutheran Church.  Alta was so gracious a hostess.  She served us delicious meals on both days.  In the afternoon on Sunday, when we were ready to go home, the car was stuck in the mud, so we remained overnight.  Glad we did, as a heavy rain fell.

On Monday morning we left Baton Rouge at 8 and arrived safely home again in New Orleans about 10.

The Myers family motored to our home on Wednesday evening November 24, and had dinner with us on Thanksgiving Day.  I served a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and everyone enjoyed the dinner and returned thanks to God for his many blessings.  John and his 3 sons came about three P.M.  They had dinner at the Muller's home.  Ethel was ill with a cold.

After the Myers family left for home, John took Dad, Aunt P, me and Jack, Bill, and Richard for a ride.  On the way home we stopped at Binder's bakery on St. Claude near Lafayette Ave.  John bought 2 loaves of French bread.  When we reached home, we made sandwiches of turkey.  They were delicious.  Made a special one for Ethel, and John took it to her when he and the boys left for home.

On Saturday November 27 the Tulane-L.S.U. [game] was played at the Stadium at Baton Rouge.  Ethel was better, but the day was cloudy and threatening rain, so she asked me to take her ticket and go to see the game.  John, Ethel, the 3 boys, Dad and I went to Baton Rouge in John's car.  We left N. Orleans about 9 so arrived at Alta's about 11.  She served a fine dinner - ham, white beans, sweet potatoes and cole slaw salad.  We had a pleasant time.

John, Jack H., Bill, and I, John M., Alta, and Jack M. went to the game.  It was a fine game.  Tulane swamped L.S.U. 46-0.  Rain threatened but did not fall while game was played.  Just as we got back to Alta's home there was a heavy shower.  We had supper, then chatted awhile.  Jack M. played a few little pieces on the piano.  Left Baton Rouge at 6:30.  Met rain and it continued all the way.  There was very heavy traffic, and John drove slowly.  We reached home about 8:45.  It had been a very pleasant day.

The Myers family visited us on December 18.  All had a hand in trimming my Xmas tree.  The Myers went to town to see Santa at Holmes store.  Mary had her picture taken with Santa.  On Saturday night John M. took Dad and I and Alta, Jack, and Mary for a ride in the Lakeview section to see the Light decorations.  Then we drove in Canal St.  All enjoyed the decorations on neutral grounds - chimneys, trees, books of fairy tales on the light standards. 

On Sunday, the Hammels' came out.  We had dinner, and spent a happy time.  Were sorry when the Myers drove back to Baton Rouge, and later when the Hammels' Jr. left for home.

On Xmas Eve Dad, Aunt P. and I went to John's.  Santa Claus came and everybody had gifts.  Ethel served sandwiches and we spent an enjoyable time.  John and Jack took Aunt P. to Gerald's for their celebration.  Later Dad and I went home.

On Christmas Day, Dad, Aunt P. and I attended Church service.  Then we brought Poinsettias to the Cemetery.  About 1 P.M. we had dinner.  In the afternoon the Hammels' came.  We spent a fine afternoon.  The boys and John played with the football.  Left for home about 7:30.

On Sunday December 26, John and family and Dad, Aunt P, and I went to Alta's.  It was cold weather, but we had a grand time.  Alta's welcome was so genuine.  We had a delicious dinner.  In the evening John H. played on the piano, and the children (each in turn) put on the surplice that Alta had made for Jack M. to wear at the Christmas exercises at L.S.U. Laboratory School, and sang and recited.  Mary danced and sang.  They looked like little angels.  All regretted that the happy day had ended, but it was over - so we drove home to New Orleans.

On New Year's Eve the Myers family, Dad and I went to John's house.  They had driven from Baton Rouge on Friday; had supper with Dad and me; then we visited the Hammels Jr.  After our return home, Jack M. and Mary went to bed.  Dad, I, John and Alta sat up to await the coming of the year 1949.  Just then, we had crackers, cheese and coffee.  It was a merry night.

On New Year's day we went to John's and Ethel's for their Pre-game Cocktail party.  There were present so many of their friends.  I know Alta enjoyed it.  They we went to Tulane Stadium for the Sugar Bowl game - N. Carolina vs Oklahoma.  The weather was perfect and 85,000 people were there.  Oklahoma won 14-6.  The show put on by both teams during the halves was the best I had ever seen - very colorful.  On our return home, we had dinner - mashed potatoes, fried veal sirloins and beet salad.  It was a perfect day.

On Saturday Feb. 19 Dad and I went to Baton Rouge to see the Myers family.  Jack's birthday was to be on Wed. Feb. 23.  He was to celebrate his ninth birthday.  So we had a little affair on Sunday.  We had so nice a visit.

On Monday, Feb. 28, Alta, Jack, and Mary came to N.O. for the Mardi Gras.  We went to see the Parade, and met John and his three sons at St. Charles and First.  Ethel was ill with a cold so remained at home.  John got a bag of favors from a friend.  After the parade we drove to John's and he divided the favors among the 5 children.  They were all pleased.  We had a nice visit with Ethel.

On Tuesday we went to town, parked the car, and saw the Zulu parade.  Then we walked to Dad's office.  Jack and Mary were much impressed With Dad's office in the United Fruit Building.  We had roast beef sandwiches later at a restaurant, also coco-cola.  Then we saw the Rex parade.  The crowds were vast and the weather was very cold for March 1.  After the parade passed, we came home; had lunch; then Alta and the 2 children went back to Baton Rouge.  I think all had a happy day.

On Sunday May 8, Ethel and John invited Dad and me, Aunt Pearl, the Myers family and Mother Myers to their home for dinner to celebrate Mothers Day.  Ethel served a delicious dinner and everyone spent so happy a time.

On Friday, June 10, John and Ethel, Paul and Shirley DeBlanc motored to a Homestead Convention to Mackinac Island, arriving there on _____.  Jack, Bill, and Richard had dinner with me, then spent the week-end at Waveland with 'Mamoo' and 'Pappy'.  They returned on Sunday.  We all had a pleasant week.  The boys went to the movies on Tuesday and Thursday (Dad treated them).

On Friday June 17, they went to Waveland for the week-end.  On Monday night I accompanied the boys to the Carrollton to see _____.  While we were at the movies (Dad had driven us there and returned home) John phoned Long Distance and spoke to Dad.  Ethel had a talk with him also.  They told Dad that they would return on Tuesday night June 21.  I really enjoyed having the boys, and I know they liked their stay with me.  On their return Ethel and John told us of their pleasant trip.

On Saturday June 25, Dad and I went to Baton Rouge to spend the week-end with the Myers' family.  We had so nice a visit.  on Sunday mroning we attended service.  Had delicious meals; flaky pie, and everything was fine.  On our return Jack and Mary came with us to spend a few days with Dad and me.  We had a nice time on Monday, and on Tuesday evening we went to City Park.  Jack and Mary played 'Putt-Putt'.  Then we had a treat.  On Wednesday John drove Alta to New Orleans, and she spent the day with us, while John transacted some business.  They left about 5 to return to Baton Rouge.

So I had the pleasure of visits from my five grandchildren.  How nice that was!

Well one year has passed since I first wrote in this book.  Today I am seventy years young! I cannot realize it.  I really feel no older.  Thanks to a gracious God, I have enjoyed good health.  He has also given me a son and daughter of whom I can be proud.  Neither has caused me to shed a tear or be unhappy.

God has also given me a husband who co-operated with me in everything during our married life.  Naturally, being human, and subject to the weakness to which all flesh is heir, the little differences have occurred; but the love we had helped us surmount them.  Our love also for our two children was a wonderful help to keep us always 'young'.  My four grandsons and one grandaughter; also the mates chose by my son and daughter have completed the circle.

This is Wednesday, July 6, 1949, my birthday.

John, Ethel, and family took me, Dad, and Aunt Pearl to dinner at Lenfant's.  It was a delicious meal.  Then we went to the Loes's State to see Esther Williams and Red Skelton in 'Neptune's Daughter'.  John and Ethel gave me a nylon slip; Jack, a powder puff; Bill a green glass for the bathroom; Richard a set of clips.  Dad gave me money.  Alta and family gave me a pair of white earrings with a pink moonstone.  Aunt Pearl gave me pink pajamas.  What a happy day!



What good news we had for Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, 1949.  The Myers' family had purchased a home at 443 Centenary Drive, University Hills, Baton Rouge.  They were to move in on Sat. Nov. 26.  Alta and John were busy with their packing so could not come to N.O.

On Xmas morning Dad, Aunt P. and I drove to Baton Rouge to spend the Xmas holidays with Alta and her family.  We had a happy Xmas Eve with John and his family.

On Monday Jan 2, 1950, we attended a cocktail party at John's and Ethel's.  It was held before we went to the football game at Tulane Stadium (Sugar Bowl).  The game was between Oklahoma and L.S.U.  The Sooners shellacked L.S.U. 35-0.  The Myers were there, also.  had a pleasant time.  Jack Myers was disappointed that L.S.U. lost the game.

June 2, 1950, we had good news.  Jack Hammel led his class entering Eighth Grade; Bill led his class into 6th Grade; Richard led his class into Second Grade.  Jack Myers made the highest grade in the Achievement Test.  Promoted to Sixth Grade.  Mary was promoted with an Excellent report to Second Grade.

On Sunday June 18, Dad, Aunt Pearl and I went with the Hammel's to Baton Rouge.  We had a pleasant time.  Monday June 19 was the Fifteenth Anniversary of John and Alta Myers.

On Monday, Aug 7, 1950, Henry was taken ill.  Taken by ambulance to Touro on Tues. Aug. 8.  Cystoscopic operation for polyp performed on Mon. Aug 14.  Returned home Sun. Aug. 20.

On Tues. Sept. 12 was our 44th Wedding Anniversary.  Received a beautiful flower arrangement of large Gold and Bronze colored Chrysanthemums from John and Ethel, and an Orchid corsage from Alta and John.  John H. and family took Dad, me and Aunt Pearl to Lenfant's for dinner.  We enjoyed a fine meal.  Later went to John's house.  Had a game of bridge.  Had a very nice time.

Etta Hoyt Myers (79) passed away on Thurs. Sept. 14, 1950.  John H., Ethel, Henry, Pearl and I motored to Baton Rouge for the funeral.  The remains were shipped to Memphis for cremation and then John W. flew to Williamsport with the ashes for interment there.

Henry was taken ill on Mon. Aug. 7, 1950.  Taken by ambulance to Touro on Tues. Aug 8.  Operation for removal of polyp on Mon. Aug. 14.  Left Touro on Sun. Aug. 20.  Charles Hammel, his brother succumbed to a heart attack same day.  Henry went to Touro on Fri. Sept. 22 for a check-up on next day.  Had a nervous attack so check was delayed until Mon. Sept. 25.  Everything was right, so he returned home on Tues. Sept. 26.

On Sat. Oct. 21, 1950, Dad and I went by train to Baton Rouge.  Spent a pleasant week-end.  Had a little birthday party for John Myers.  Returned home on Sun.

Bill Hammel had an appendectomy on Wed. Oct. 25, 1950, at Mercy Hospital.  Came home Sun. Oct. 29.

On Sat. Nov. 18, Dad drove to Baton Rouge.  We attended Mary's 7th birthday on Mon. Nov. 20 when the Cub Scouts had their meeting.  You see, Dad had a week's vacation and we really had a pleasant visit.  Alta and I went shopping, and I was able to buy the Xmas gifts for the Myers.  On Wed. we stuffed the turkey and had a delicious turkey dinner with all trimmings on Thanksgiving Day.  We played basketball in the afternoon and later went to the movies to see Betty Hutton and Fred Astaire in 'Let's Dance'.  Dad and I left Friday for our return home.  The weather was very cold, but we reached home safely after a nice visit.

Richard developed mumps on Sun. Dec. 10, 1950.

Dad and I enjoyed a very pleasant evening on Xmas Eve.  We visited John and family, and Santa Claus came.  He gave out gifts and everyone was happy.

On Xmas morning (Mon. Dec 25, 1950) Dad drove Aunt Pearl and me to Alta's home in Baton Rouge.  There gifts were exchanged and all were happy.  We ate a delicious turkey dinner which was enjoyed by all.  Took a ride in evening.  We remained over night, and on Tuesday returned to New Orleans after a most happy visit.

On Sunday Dec. 31 Alta and family spent the day with us.  We had a pleasant time.

On Monday Jan. 1, 1951, we went to John's for a cocktail party.  Partook of delicious refreshment then later went to Tulane Stadium for the Sugar Bowl game.  Kentucky and Oklahoma were the teams playing.  Kentucky won 21-7 after a clean, hard-fought game.  The Myers drove home to Baton Rouge, and we drove to our residence.  The holidays were over, but they had been very happy ones.





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