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Jack Myers

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May 24 - I flew from Baton Rouge to Los Angeles and drove to Leslie's apartment.

Visited with Leslie and my grandson, Elijah, and Leslie's mother, Gertraud.
Ken came after work and we had dinner and visited, then I went to his place.

May 25 - We visited the son of Ken and Leslie King, Elijah John Myers, my first grandchild.

Had breakfast with Ron Morgan, friend from JPL, then to Leslie's to see Elijah.
Cousin Jackie stopped by for a visit after fighting Memorial Day weekend traffic.

Elijah - Elijah - Leslie & Elijah, Jackie - Jackie & Elijah
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Jack & Elijah
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CA3-9 CA3-10

Ken & Elijah
CA3-11 CA3-12

May 26 - Another day of visiting at Leslie's and a stroller ride for Elijah.

Jack & Elijah

Ken & Elijah
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Elijah strolling
CA3-16 CA3-17

We went out for a wonderful dinner and Elijah behaved beautifully.

May 27 - I drove to John's condo for a late breakfast.
Then we drove to cousin Corie's for a great BBQ.

At Corie's we got to visit with Geoff & Cathy, Julie & Ryan, Jackie, and Ken, Leslie, & Elijah.
Wonderful food, great company, a little music and lots of laughs.

Jackie & Elijah - John & Julie - Ken & Leslie
CA3-18 CA3-19 CA3-20

Elijah (with Ken & Leslie) - John, Leslie & Ken
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May 28 - Stayed at John's, drove along the beach in his Porsche (top down), watched HDTV.

May 29 - I flew from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge - THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!