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Edson Myers
Collection of Family Photographs
(various dates)

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Donella Myers, Wenfield Scott Myers

Twins Lola (Myers) Hamet and Lila C. (Myers) Hamet

Edson Myers, Helen Marie (Myers) Gallas

Elmer Friend, "Oscar" Austin G. Hamet, Harry T. Jones, Edgar Ernest Myers

Lila C. (Myers) Hamet, Frederick Benjamin Myers,
Laura Mae (Myers) Jones, Edgar Ernest Myers, Lola (Myers) Hamet

Mabel Meryum Myers, Edgar Ernest Myers,
Irvin Noland Myers, George Benjamin Myers

Irvin Noland Myers, Lila C. (Myers) Hamet, Iva Ann (Smith) Myers,
Donella Myers, Charles Frederick Myers, Edson Myers (in dress),
Edgar Ernest Myers, John William Hamet (seated on truck bed)

Lola (Myers) Hamet, Lillian Lesch (friend), Lila C. (Myers) Hamet

Standing: Mabel Meryum Myers, Irvin Noland Myers
Seated: Iva Ann (Smith) Myers, Donella Myers, Charles Frederick Myers, Edgar Ernest Myers, Edson Myers (on lap)

Donald L. Leach, Kenneth James Leach, Robert R. Myers, Rachelbelle Myers,
Eleanor Maxine Myers, Warren Woodrow Myers, Mary Elizabeth (Bostwick) Myers

Aug 1950
Siblings Lola (Myers) Hamet, Laura Mae (Myers) Jones,
Lila C. (Myers) Hamet, Edger Ernest Myers, and their cousin Elmer ?

Aug 1950
Lola (Myers) Hamet, Laura Mae (Myers) Jones,
Edgar Ernest Myers, Lila C. (Myers) Hamet

Edgar Ernest Myers, "Fred" Frederick Benjamin Myers

4 Aug 2007
E. E. Myers, Esther Jeanne (Myers) Mason, R. E. Sapp,
Ed Myers I, V. L. Morgan, Martha Eugenia Scales (Page-Johnson) Myers

Edgar Ernest Myers

Iva Ann (Smith) Myers & Edgar Ernest Myers

1969 at Kiousville, OH
R. Terry, "Jim" Myers, Helen Marie (Myers) Gallas, (unidentified)

At Mount Sterling, OH: Lola (Myers) Hamet

Route 665, about one mile East of London, OH
Mary Myers

Sep 1934
Fred Rolland Jaynes & Phetna N. (Jones) Jaynes,
?, Grant Jones & Laura (Myers) Jones

19 Jan 1912
Deer Creek, Kiousville, OH

Standing: Lola Myers, Edgar Ernest Myers, Charles Franklin Myers,
Frederick Benjamin Myers, Laura Mae Myers, Lila C. Myers
Seated: Benjamin Franklin Myers & Martha Matilda (Jones) Myers,
Wenfield Scott Myers

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