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John William Myers Jr.

Myers Home Movies
Louisiana and California

Each reel is 3 minutes, MP4 (255 MB)

Play Reel 3 - Ken Meets Matt

Matt, Alta, Ken, Mary

Play Reel 4 - Matt, Ken, John

Ken, Johnny, Jack, Judy, Alta

Play Reel 7 - Matt, Ken, John, Mary Kay

Matt, John & Ethel Hammel, Alta, Mary Kay, Walter, Ken, Johnny, Judy, Mary

Play Super 8 Reel 1 - Matt and Friends

Matt, Alta, Mary, Walter, Rachel, John

Play Super 8 Reel 2 - Matt's Birthday

Matt, Walter, Alice, Alta, Mary

Play Super 8 Reel 3 - Matt's Birthday and California

Mary Kay, Matt, Mary, Ken, Alta, Johnny, Jack, John

Play Super 8 Reel 4 - Louisiana Visit

Ethel, Stephanie, Caren, Dickie, Elaine, Carolyn,
Bill, Richard, Jack, Jack Hammel, Steve, John Hammel

Play Super 8 Reel 5 - Louisiana Visit and Christmas

Dickie, Steve, Johnny, Caren, Carolyn, John Hammel, Mary Kay,
Matt, Ken, Alta, Ethel, Bill, Richard, Jack, Walter, Jack Hammel, Elaine

Play Super 8 Reel 6 - Louisiana and California Visits

Bill, Carolyn, Caren, Alta, Mary, Walter, Jack, Steve

Film transfers by Randy Wheeler - Baton Rouge Film, Videotape & Audio Transfer Services
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