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William Mace McCafferty
Interment Location
and Photographs

Niche 10261

Great Mausoleum, Memorial Terrace, Columbarium of the Sanctuaries
Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Glendale
1712 South Glendale Avenue, Glendale, California

The niche was purchased in 1937 by William Mace McCafferty for his family.
Interred are:   William Mace McCafferty, his daughter Elizabeth Ann Stewart,
her last husband James A. Stewart, and her daughter Margaret Ann Walker.
William Mace McCafferty has no living descendants.

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Satellite View Showing Location of the Great Mausoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery

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Forest Lawn Map

Memorial Terrace Plan

Great Mausoleum

Entrance to Memorial Terrace

Entrance to Columbarium of the Sanctuaries,
just to the right of the Last Supper Window

Floor at entrance to Columbarium of the Sanctuaries

Niche wall in Columbarium of the Sanctuaries

Niche 10261 is in the upper row on the right

Memorial Tablet on Niche 10261

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