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Survey of Colvin & Phebus Land
Deer Creek Township,
Pickaway County, Ohio
February 29, 1869

by Philo N. White, Surveyor
Pickaway County, Ohio

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Information About This Document

The original document was archivally framed so that it would not deteriorate further and then scanned.

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Text of the Document

Entire document is hand-written; added notes are {italicized-bracketed}.

Length: 1 chain = 100 links = 4 poles = 4 rods = 66 feet = 20.1168 meters
Area: 1 Acre = 10 square chains = 160 poles = 43,560 square feet = 0.4047 hectare}


Moses Colvin 75¾ Acres

Moses Colvin 104½ Acres

No. 1 Unsold 15½ Acres

Geo. Phebus hs {heirs} 100 Acres

Geo. Phebus hs {heirs} 87 Acres

No. 2 Unsold 20½ A

No. 3 Unsold 6.91 A

2½ A

Description of the unsold land subject to Taxation in Survey No. 3665 in name of Ralph Morgan for 666-2/3 Acres on Deer Creek.  Lot No. 1 lying East of Moses Colvin's land contains 15½ Acres and is thus bounded Beginning at a Buckey & 2 blue Ash North West corner to a hundred Acre Lot (north west {???}) owned by the heirs of George Phebus in the original line of the Survey on the East bank of Deer Creek.  Thence with a line of Phebus Land S 5° W 38 poles to a Box Elder & Mulbury another corner to Phebus thence S ½ W 25 poles crossing Deer Creek to a Stake corner to said Phebus land on the west side of the creek.  Thence with a line of the same N 75° W 20 poles to 3 Elms another corner to said Land.  Thence S 56° W 18½ poles to a Walnut & Oak Stumps Corner to Moses Colvin's Lands.  Thence with his line N 9° W 69 poles to a stake in the old line of Survey Corner to said Colvin{.}  Thence


with said line S 89 E 45 poles crossing the creek to the Beginning.

Henry Phebus, Abe{?} Tanguery{?} - C.C.

P. N. White L.P.C{?} - Feby 29th 1849

Colvin & Phebus Land & unsold Land on Deer Cr in R. Morgan's Survey No. 3665.

John W. Sawyer