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Daisy Magdalena Scholl
New Orleans Public Schools
High School Diploma
15 June 1896

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Text of the Document

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City of New Orleans.

Public Schools

The Board of Directors have awarded this Diploma to Miss Daisy Magdalene Scholl of the High School in testimony of their approbation of her exemplary deportment and of her having completed the prescribed course of Studies.

New Orleans, June 11th 1898

Faculty - Alice L. Susher, Eugenie Tuydam, Vice Principal, Doretta Seiler, S. A. Florties, H. Kilshaw, Rose Allen, B. R. Van Horn, Emma P. Corlay, Margaret C. Stanson, Ida Barrow, Maria Thompson, G. LeJenne

Frank D. Chretieu, Chairman of Committee

Warren Easton, Superintendent

?ttschmitt, President

New Orleans June 15, 1896.

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