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Etta Clara Hoyt
Hillsboro High School
Sixteenth Annual Commencement
15 June 1888

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Text of the Document

Hand-written items are underscored; added notes are {italicized-bracketed}.

Sixteenth Annual Commencement of the Hillsboro High School, Friday Evening, June 15th, 1888.

Prayer, Rev. D. W. Clark.

Chorus - "The Forest Festival," Offenbach. - High School Choir

Mirrors, Jessie R. Smith.

Life's Alms and Calms, Ida M. Fenwick.

The Prevalence of War, Burch Foraker.

Chorus - "The Flower Dance," J. G. Root. - High School Choir.

The Pleasures of Imagination, Rosa B. Roads.

The Value of Variety, Anna L. Shull.

Not Prepared, Thomas J. North.

Duet - "Wanderers' Night Song" Rubenstein. - Mrs. Kinney and Miss McKenzie.

Ohio's Centennial, Edwin L. Harris.

Treasured Memories, Cora V. Shull.

We All Wear Veils, Alice C. Oonk.

Chorus - "Anvil Chorus," Verdi. - High School Choir.

The Physician of the Future, Etta C. Hoyt.

The Starry Heavens, Emma Koch.

Woman in History, Home H. McKeehan.

Trio - "Protect us thro' the Coming Night," Curshman. - Miss McKenzie, Mrs. Kinney, and Dr. Callahan.

Presentation of Diplomas, Sam'l Major, Sup't.

Benediction, Rev. W. J. McSurely, D. D.

The Board of Education - J. D. W. SPARGUR, President.  H. S. FULLERTON, Clerk.  P. E. BROWN, Treasurer.  J. M. HIBBEN.  D. F. SCOTT.  T. A. WALKER.

INSTRUCTORS. - SAM'L MAJOR, Superintendent.  E. G. SMITH, Principal of High School.  E. E. RICHARDS, Assistant.

The Weber Grand Piano is from the firm of Smith & Nixon, CINCINNATI, O.

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