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John William Myers Sr.
Washington Court House
High School Commencement
22 June 1887

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Text of the Document

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ELEVENTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT of Washington C. H. High School, Wednesday, June 22, 1887.


Order of Exercises.

MUSIC, Grand Potpourri - Let me Dream Again - Orchestra, J. McBride, Director.

Invocation - Rev. W. H. Lewis

MUSIC, Cornet Solo - Three Star Polka - Jesse Worthington.

Oration - Climb, Though the Heights be Rugged - Amy V. Conn.

Oration - Rural Life - John Myers.

Essay - Veneerings - Lucy Irion.

Oration - Look to the End - Ida B. Jones

MUSIC, Vocal Solo - The Flower Girl, (Bevignani) - Miss Rose Cissna.

Oration - The Crusades; Their Effect on Civilization - Harry W. McCandless.

Essay - Pain? Creek - Edith M. Love.

Oration - Memory's Garden - Alta M. Hays.

Essay - An Iron Key Unlocks a Golden Treasury - Abbie Rockwell.

MUSIC, Concert Fantasia - Violin Solo - J. McBride and Orchestra.

Oration - The Mission of the Beautiful - Orpha Cheney.

Essay - In Dreams and Fancies all Men are Great - Louie M. Snapp.

Oration - The Saracen Empire - Emmer Edwards.

Essay - Puss Wants a Corner - Myrta Jenkins.

MUSIC, Vocal Solo - A Little Mountain Lad, (Roeckel) - Mrs. H. M. Daugherty.

Oration - Self Refuge - Nina Maynard.

A Poem - At Last - Cora McCandless.

Essay - What Fools We Mortals Be - Jessie L. Hale.

Oration - Dux femina facti {A woman was leader of the exploit.} - Almeida DeWitt.

MUSIC, Song and Dance Schottische - Orchestra.

Presentation of Diplomas - J. N. VanDeman.

MUSIC, Class Song.

Benediction - Rev. S. B. Alderson.


School Register.

BOARD OF EDUCATION.  B. H. Millikan, President; J. N. Van Deman, Clerk; D. Furtwangler, Treasurer; Dr. E. C. Hamilton, Dr. D. H. Hare, L. C. Coffman.

Charles R. Dean, Superintendent; N. H. Chaney, Principal of High School; Harriet R. Kirby, Assistant; Lucie Hamilton, Music Teacher; J. McBride, Writing Teacher.

CLASS ORGANIZATION, 1837.  Emmer Edwards, President; Amy V. Conn, Vice President; John Myers, Secretary; Alta M. Hays, Treasurer; Orpha L. Cheney, Harry W. McCandless, Almeida DeWitt - Ex. Com.; Almeida DeWitt, Historian; Nina Maynard, Musician; Ida B. Jones, Poet; Lucy Irion, Sergeant-at-Arms.



MOTTO - Paddle Your Own Canoe. - Agita tuam lintrem.

[Words by Ida B. Jones; Music by Nina Maynard.]

After many year together,Years of toil and pleasure too;

We are her to-night assemble To enact a sad adieu;

For our happy school life's ended, And our next hard task to do

On life's rough and stormy ocean, Is to paddle our canoe.

Now our many wasted moments Stare us blankly in the face

And our sad mistakes and blunders, We would gladly here erase;

Could we live our school days over, We would many things improve;

With regret we now must leave them, To take paddles and canoes.

"Fare the well" sounds sad and lonely, To the class of "sweet sixteen".

For it tells us we have only Finished a delightful dream;

A commencement we're just making. For life's goals so good and true;

And with oars of golden knowledge We will paddle our canoe.

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