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John William Myers Jr.
Ohio Military Institute
"The Sentinel"
Senior Edition

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Ohio Historical Marker for College Hill

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The Sentinel, OMI, Senior Edition, 1925, Ohio Military Institute, College Hill - Cincinnati

Page 1

The Sentinel, Senior Edition, 1925, OMI, Ohio Military Institute, College Hill - Cincinnati

Page 2


We have reached the turn in the road.  What lies beyond we do not know.  But carry on, we must.

One thing we are certain of; the memory of the years we've spent at O.  M.  I.  We offer this book to you as a record of some of the things we've done during those years.  May it not only please you now, but later serve to bring treasured memories.

Page 3

Belmont Hall, Cary Hall

Page 4

Bishop Hall

Page 5

Sentinel Staff of 1925

Editorial Staff

John C. Nelson - Editor-in-Chief, Warren W. Searles - Assistant Editor, Charles L.  Bonifield - Assistant Editor, Virgil Hunsberger - News Editor, John Carlisle - Social Editor, Arnold Rucker - Athletic Editor

Business Staff

Robert Jackson - Business Manager, Ralph W.  Kelley - Circulation Manager

Page 6

Senior History

Page 7

Charles L. Bonifield, Jr.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Entered 1917.  Cadet Major.  Class Honor Man, 1920-22-23-24-25.  Best-kep Room, 1919.  Competitive Drill, 1920.  Assistant Editor, Sentinel Staff, 1925.

Hubert W. Bentley.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Pikeville, Kentucky.  Entered 1920.  Captain C Company.  Basketball, 1923-24-25.  Track, 1925.  Treasurer, Senior Class.

John Thomas Carlisle.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Cincinnati.  Entered 1920.  Captain Adjutant.  Head of Second Form, 1920.  Social Editor, Sentinel Staff.  Football, 1923-24.  Track, 1921-22-23-24-25.  Field Champion, 1923.

Henry K. Bowman.  Chi Sigma Chi.  Cincinnati.  Entered 1922.  Humor Editor, Sentinel Staff.  Football, 1922-23-24.  Basketball, 1923-24-25.  Baseball, 1923-24-25.  Rifle Club.

Page 8

Thomas W. Eylar.  Chi Sigma Chi.  Georgetown, Ohio.  Entered 1922.  Second Lieutenant, C Company.  Track, 1923.  Baseball, 1923-24-25.  Band, 1922-23-24-25.  Orchestra, 1922-23.  Rifle Club.

James Gordon Ehlen.  Chi Sigma Chi.  Cincinnati.  Entered 1921.  Captain B Company.  Cartoonist, Sentinel Staff.  Baseball, 1923-24-25.  Basketball, 1921-22-23-24.  Track, 1921-22-23-24-25.  Captain, Track Team, 1925.

Virgil E. Hunsberger.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Orville, Ohio.  Entered 1923.  Sergeant Quartermaster.  Dance Committee.  Rifle Club.  Band, 1924-25.  Football, 1924-25.  Track, 1924-25.  Orchestra, 1924-25.

Robert M. Jackson.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Aurora, Indiana.  Entered 1922.  Second Lieutenant, A Company.  Business Manager Sentinel.  Dance Committee.  Band, 1923-24-25.  Football, 1923-24.  Basketball 1923-24-25.  Basebasll, 1924-25.  Captain Basketball, 1924-25.  Rifle Club (Sharpshooter).

Page 9

Ralph W. Kelley.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Cleveland, Ohio.  Entered 1922.  First Lieutenant, C Company.  Circulation Manager, Sentinel.  Manager Football Team, 1924.  Basketball, 1924-25.  Baseball 1923-24-25.  Rifle Club.

W. C. Ludwig.  Cincinnati.  Entered 1923.  Corporal Bugler.  Band, 1923-24-25.  Rifle Club (Sharpshooter).  Orchestra, 1924-25.  Radio Club.

John William Myers.  Rho Theta Chi.  Williamsport, Ohio.  Entered 1921.  First Lieutenant, B Company.  Assistant Circulation Manager, Sentinel.  Football, 1923-24.  Baseball, 1925.  Rifle Club.

John C. Nelson.  Cincinnati.  Entered 1921.  Captain, A Company.  President Senior Class.  Dance Committee.  Editor-in-Chief, Sentinel Staff.  Class Valedictorian.  Football, 1922-23-24.  Baseball, 1924-25.  Track, 1922.  Basketball, 1923-24-25.  Rifle Club.  Colors, 1923-24.

Page 10

Arnold G. Rucker.  Alpha Chi Sigma.  Covington, Kentucky.  Entered 1922.  Second Lieutenant Quartermaster.  Athletics Editor, Sentinel.  Football, 1922-23-24.  Basketball, 1923-24-25.  Baseball, 1923-24-25.  Captain, Baseball Team, 1925.  Track, 1923.  Band, 1923-24.  Rifle Club.

Warren W. Searles.  Lafayette, Indiana.  Entered 1921.  Track, 1922-23-24-25.  Assistant Editor Sentinel.  Football, 1924-25.  Second Lieutenant Drum Major.  Band, 1923-24-25.  Colors, 1923-24.  Rifle Club.

Emerson K. Thompson.  Middletown, Ohio.  Entered 1922.  Corporal, A Company.  Band, 1923-24-25.  Rifle Club.  Radio Club.

Guy Underwood.  Theta Alpha Mu.  Mechanicsburg, Ohio.  Entered 1921.  Sergeant Major.  Band, 1923-24.  Rifle Club.  Radio Club.

Page 11

Commissioned Officers, 1925

Major Charles L. Bonifield - Staff, Captain Adjutant John T. Carlisle - Staff, Second Lieutenant Quartermaster Rucker - Staff, Second Lieutenant Drum Major Warren Searles - Staff, Captain John C. Nelson - Company A, Captain James Ehlen - Company B, Captain Hubert Bentley - Company C, First Lieutenant Henry K.  Bowman - Company A, First Lieutenant John W. Myers - Company B, First Lieutenant Ralph Kelley - Company C, Second Lieutenant Robert M. Jackson - Company A, Second Lieutenant Thomas A. Eylar - Company C, Second Lieutenant Hugh Henshaw - Company C, Second Lieutenant William Klein - Company B

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Upper School

Austin, Batche, Bentley, Bertram, Black, Bonifield, H. Bowman, J. Bowman, Bright, Buecking, Butterfield, Butz, Byron, Carlisle, Cole, J. Crosley, R. Crosley, Cunningham, Daymude, F. Dempsey, M. Dempsey,

Scudder, Duggan, Dunning, Ehlen, Eisenlohr, Eveland, Eylar, Fairchild, Fisher, Franklin, Fulweiler, Goebel, Gordon, Graeser, Holcomb, Henshaw, Hoffman, Howell, Hunsberger, Jackson,

Kelley, Kennedy, Klein, Kendell, Le Roy, Lisner, Ludwig, Macht, Marxer, McCloy, Myers, Nachod, D. Nelson, J. Nelson, Nichols, Nicholson, Parlin, Rucker, Sarros, Searles,

Shurlow, Scheidel, M. Singleton, H. Smith, Sontag, Spillard, Standley, Stickler, Strauss, Summers, Thompson, Toepfer, Utter, Underwood, Veit, Waller, Weaver, L. White, V. White, Zimmerman.

Page 15

Lower School

Bahman, Barth, M. Burlew, S. Burlew, F. Capshaw, G. Capshaw, Caw, Citron, J. Conn, W. Conn, C. Dhonau, R. Dhonau,

Guelich, Hammer, Henderson, hoelscher, Jackson, Kennedy, D. Ketcham, E. Ketcham, Krauss, Martin, McFadden, Megerle,

Mull, Powers, Riedlin, Roell, Schanker, Sentman, T. Singleton, W. Smith, Storey, Truffant, Wakefield.

Page 16

Band, 1925

Captain J. A. Tarkington - Band Master, Second Lieutenant Searles - Drum Major


Byron, Waller, McCloy, Eylar, Jackson, Thompson, Stickler,

Strauss, Ludwig, Butz, Standley, Marxer, Crosley, Henshaw,

Goebel, Macht, Conn, Gordon, Nicholson, Holcomb, Lisner.

Page 17

Perry Gymnasium

Page 18

Football Squad, 1925

Benton - Manager, Bingham, Bonifield, Bowman, Brice, Butz, Carlisle, Comey, Ehlen,

Forestner - Captain, Goldstein, Hunsberger, Jackson, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelso, J. Klein,

Maxwell, McCloy, J. Nelson, Rucker, Tyler, Underwood, Warwick, Captain Criss - Coach.

Page 19

Baseball Squad, 1925

Captain Jones - Coach, Henshaw - Manager, Rucker - Captain, Fairchild,

Byron, Butterfield, Schiedel, Kelley, Black, Smith,

H. Bowman, Eylar, McCloy, J. Bowman, R. Jackson, Myers

Page 20

Basketball, 1925

Major Wood - Coach, Nelson, Bowman, McCloy,

R. Jackson - Captain, Bentley, Byron,

Rucker, Kelley, Underwood - Manager.

Page 21

Track Team, 1925

Hunsberger - Trainer, Kelley - Manager, Cory - Coach,

Smith, F. Dempsey, Searles, Byron, Bentley,

Carlisle, Batche, M. Dempsey, R. Crosley, Klein.

Page 22

Field Meet

Page 23

Chi Sigma Chi, 1925, Epsilon

Bowman, Butz, M. Dempsey,

Singleton, Byron, Myers,

Smith, Eylar,

Captain Cory - Faculty Member, Captain Wile - Faculty Member.

Page 24

Rho Theta Chi Fraternity, 1925

captain Cory - Honorary Faculty Member,

F. Dempsey, Eisenlohr, Shurlow, Myers,

Summers, Graeser, Parlin,

Marxer, Zimmerman, V. White.

Page 25

Theta Alpha Nu Fraternity, 1925, Alpha

L. White, R. Crosley, Fulweiler, Kendell,

Cole, Howell, D. Nelson,

Underwood, Macht, Nachod.

Page 26

Alpha Chi Sigma, 1925

J. Crosley, Batsche, Hunsberger, McCloy,

Bentley, Franklin, R. Jackson, Rucker, Carlisle,

Bonifield, Henshaw, Kelley, Captain Eder - Faculty.

Page 27

Radio Club, 1925

Ludwig, Crosley, Shurlow, Sontag,

Cole, J. Bowman, Fisher, Straus,

Butterfield, Howell, Lisner, Capt. Eder.

Page 28

Orchestra, 1925

Butz - Saxophone, Byron - Drums, Cory - Saxophone, Eylar - Trombone, Hunsberger - Piano, Henshaw - Trumpet, Nicholson - Banjo.

Ohio Historical Marker for College Hill

Marker #69-31:  The Colleges and Academies of College Hill
5545 Belmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH 45224

MarkerSideA Side A: "The Colleges and Academies of College Hill"
The first in a succession of schools that eventually gave College Hill its name was CARY'S ACADEMY FOR BOYS. Freeman Cary opened this school in his home on Hamilton Avenue in 1832. Success necessitated larger quarters and in 1833 PLEASANT HILL ACADEMY was built at the corner of Hamilton and Colerain (now Belmont) Avenues. Continuing growth and a distinguished faculty led to formation of a college. Money was raised by selling shares, mostly bought by local farmers. FARMERS COLLEGE OF HAMILTON COUNTY was chartered on February 23, 1846 and Cary Hall was built on this Belmont Avenue site in 1847. Future President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, attended the college from 1848 to 1850. During the 1860s Cary Hall served as a station on the Underground Railroad. (Continued on other side)

MarkerSideB Side B: "The Colleges and Academies of College Hill"
(Continued from other side) Difficult times during and after the Civil War caused Farmers College to go co-educational. The closing of nearby, OHIO FEMALE COLLEGE, which had opened in 1849, also helped enrollment. Renaming the school BELMONT COLLEGE in 1884 was another attempt to regain public confidence. In 1887 the college president suggested changing to a high school academy. His board of directors agreed and in 1890 the school reopened as THE OHIO MILITARY INSTITUTE with a new building, Belmont Hall, next to Cary Hall. It provided young men with a college preparatory education along with military instruction. Increasing maintenance costs and a practical limit on tuition forced the school to close in 1958. The 47 acre campus was sold to the Cincinnati Board of Education. AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL was built on part of the property and opened in 1962.
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