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Genealogy of the
Thompson Family

February 1877

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Information About This Document

A copy of this genealogy was sent to me by my fourth cousin, Merritt Miller.

I found a point of commonality between the tree and my own family tree, a person near the lower right corner with the identification "Austin Baldwin, b. Nov. 10, 1872. Night of the great fire in Boston." On my tree this is Austin Baldwin Caswell.

The genealogy indicates a date of February 1877, and that is supported by the fact that a handwritten entry for "Esther Lois" has a birth date of "Nov. 2, 1877". (This entry is just to the right of the Austin Baldwin Caswell mentioned previously.)

If you have additional information or corrections regarding this document, please contact me (see Contact Information at the top of this page).

Text of the Document

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The sign of marriage (=) has been replaced by the ampersand (&).


"There were Anciently four men who settled in New Haven, about 1638, of the name of THOMPSON, of whom three were brothers, viz.: Anthony, John, William,—the fourth was John, who settled at Stony River, in the east part of East Haven; he was called "Farmer John" in distinction from John at New Haven, who was a seaman. William and John, it is said, died leaving no children."