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Dr. William Hoyt
Candidate for Surgeon,
Department of Ohio, G. A. R.,
at the Department Encampment, Marietta, Ohio
14 May 1903

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Candidate for

Surgeon, Department of ohio, G. A. R.



John M. Barrere Post, No. 205, G. A. R.,


To the Comrades of the Department of Ohio, G. A. R, Greeting:

At a regular meeting of our John M. Barrere Post No. 205, G. A. R., Department of Ohio, it was resolved that we present the name of Dr. William Hoyt, late Lieutenant Company I, 112 N. Y. V. I., who, after his enlistment was promoted throught the different grades of the non-commissioned officers until his discharge as a Lieutenant June 13, 1865, then he took up the life as a civilian, and by his own efforts has raised himself in his chosen profession as a doctor, till now he is honored and respected as a skilled physician and surgeon.

Comrade Hoyt is a Past Commander of our Post, and it can in truth be said he was a successful one.

The following is a record of the services of Doctor W. Hoyt as found in the records of the Loyal Legion of the State of Ohio:

"Register: - Enlisted August 8, 1862, at Panama, N. Y.; mustered into service September 11, 1862, at Jamestown, N. Y., as a private in Company D, 112th New York Volunteer Infantry; promoted to Corporal September 20, 1862; Sergeant, October 10, 1863; First


Sergeant Company D, May 27, 1864; Ordnance Sergeant, September 10, 1864; Second Lieutenant Company I, October 17, 1864; discharged June 13, 1865, at Raleigh, N. C.

HISTORY OF SERVICE: September 11, 1862, left Jamestown, N. Y., and went direct to Suffolk, Va., where the regiment was encamped until June 27, 1863; participated in the defense of Suffolk during the siege which continued from April 11 to May 3, 1863; left Suffolk June 27 and was conveyed to White House Landing; marched from there to Hanover C. H., and back to White House Landing, and thence to Hampton, Va., arriving July 10; thence to Bowers Hill, near Portsmouth, Va., remaining until July 28, when moved into Portsmouth, remaining until August 3, then sailed to Folly Island, S. C., landing August 12; remained there and on Morris Island until February 7, 1864; was there during the siege of and taking of Forts Wagner and Gregg, and the bombardment of Fort Sumter; February 7 went to Jacksonville, Fla., remaining until April 22; sailed to Gloucester Point, Va., camped there until May 4; landed at Bermuda Hundred May 5; May 7, at the taking of Richmond and Petersburg R. R.; engaged at Proctor's Creek May 16; Bermuda Hundred, Va., May 19-30; Cold Harbor, June 1; Petersburg Heights, June 15; mine explosion, July 30; Deep Bottom and Chapin's Farm, Fort Harrison, September 29; darbytown Road; spent the entire summer in front of Richmond and Petersburg in the trenches and under fire nearly every day from the taking of Bermuda Hundred until November 3; regiment ordered to New York City to keep the peace during the election; returned to the Army of the James November 16; December 16, to


Fort Fisher, N. C.; engaged at the attack December 25; discharged June 13, 1865.

Residence, Hillsboro, Ohio; occupation, physician.

Recommended by Companions Nelson B. Lafferty, Coleman Gillilan, W. H. Chamberlin."

There are few regiments that have a more honorable record than the 112th N. Y. or were engaged in more battles, marched more miles, or lost more men in engagements.

Comrade Hoyt was faithful as a soldier, and is also as a Comrade, as citizen and as a friend.

We as his comrades, respectfully ask that you will assist in honoring an honorable man and comrade by giving him your assistance at the Department Encampment, to be held at Marietta, O., May 14, 1903, for the very honorable position of Surgeon, Department of Ohio.

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