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William Hoyt
Home Location
Clymer NY

Information about the map

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Information about the Map

This map of Clymer NY was furnished by Joel Babcock who maintains an extensive web site on the 112th New York Volunteer Infantry, the unit in which William Hoyt, son of Nason Hoyt, enlisted in the Civil War.

The parcel where William Hoyt lived is the furthest right (East) and the second block down (7) and is identified as "N. Hoyt" on the map. Immediately North of it is a parcel identified as "O. Ellis", which was the home of the family of William Hoyt's friend Sgt. Ellis, who is mentioned frequently in "The Civil War Letters of William Hoyt" and "A Daily Diary of William Hoyt".

The Hoyt property was in Clymer Township. Harmony Township was right across the road to the East and Panama, with which the home is usually identified, was just a couple of blocks to the East.

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